Salta, Argentina

I had a wonderful final night in San Pedro just chatting away. ¬†Making friends while travelling is very different – despite spending such a short time together, friendships become strong quickly. ¬†People tend to be more open, and often talk frankly and honestly about topics usually never broached or cautiously sidestepped back home – dreams, faith, philosophy… ¬†(Also, I learn interesting things, like that tiny owl hiding in the corner of the US $1 bill! ¬†Never knew.) ¬†But alas, I had to leave early the next morning for my 9:30 bus, and I said my goodbyes to Beto, Jimbo, Pamela, and Sofi.

Or so I thought. ¬†My hostel was just outside of customs, and we were stuck at customs for a whole 3 hours. ¬†Frustrated with that, I ran back to my hostel and hung out with them one last time while waiting for the several hundred people to pass. ¬†More hugs, but also more goodbyes – those are always tough. ¬†Well, at least I know now I definitely want to return to Chile someday, not just to see the places I’ve missed, but at the very least to visit some great friends! Continue reading