Wrong time

Istanbul, Turkey

I was supposed to travel through Turkey with Sally for two weeks. ¬†When I received the bad news, I wanted to cancel my flight entirely. ¬†Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. ¬†But with my Schengen zone allowance running out and Istanbul being a good hub city to go anywhere, I eventually decided to take the flight anyway and completely restructured the rest of my trip to re-allot the non-Schengen days I was to spend in Turkey to other countries I hadn’t planned on going to.

I think that Sally probably would’ve wanted me to continue travelling Turkey. ¬†But I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it – and I think my short stay in Istanbul only confirmed that. ¬†I did do some sight seeing, met some people, had a nice time…but the whole time, I couldn’t help thinking of who was missing. ¬†One day, another year, I’ll come back and do Turkey some justice, see it with a better mindset. Continue reading