Puc贸n, Chile

One month on the road now!

It seems that I left Bariloche at a good time – by my last evening and the next morning, the volcano smoke returned and the view disappeared.

On my buses to Puc贸n via Osorno, I ran into Ofir and Shir, the two Israeli girls I met hiking Tierra del Fuego several weeks back. 聽We all had a rather comical bus ride – customs control entering Chile is very strict, and does not allow meat, vegetables, or dairy. 聽All of us had packed such things in our bags, intending to eat lunch on the bus – but we were due to cross the border before noon! 聽In order to not waste our food, we ate as much as we could before making it across the border. 聽The bus company also provided everyone with a light meal of pastries and a cheese sandwich – somehow we managed to not get that confiscated from us at the border!

The ride between Bariloche and Osorno was a bit surreal – volcanic ash covered trees and hills like snow. 聽If I didn’t know it was 25潞 outside, I’d think it’d have actually been snow. 聽The ride from Osorno to Puc贸n was clear but uneventful – our bus did pick up a ton of hitchhikers from the side of the highway though. Continue reading