Safe (probably)

Cerro Negro and Volc谩n Telica, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is already a country of volcanoes, but Le贸n is positively surrounded by them. 聽In fact, the old city of Le贸n was buried by an eruption and the current, rebuilt Le贸n is 30 km away from the old one.

I joined three people from my hostel on a day trip to Cerro Negro. 聽The rural road we were on wasn’t made for automobiles, clearly – aside from sharing the one “lane” with horses and cows, it was extremely bumpy and worn to the point that we got stuck a few times, needing to back up and speed across a hump or giant rock or tree root. Continue reading


Le贸n, Nicaragua

Le贸n is in the lowlands, the hottest part of the country. 聽I thought it was hot enough already…but then I arrive to find 37潞C weather! 聽Given that, I found a hostel with a pool and spent a lot of time there.

Le贸n is a very colonial city, like Granada, with whom it has shared a long rivalry – both cities have been the capital of Nicaragua at some point, until the neutral city of Managua was finally picked. 聽Aesthetically, they’re similar (though Le贸n is a little bit more rundown), but politically, they couldn’t be further away from each other – Le贸n is the hub of the left, and Granada for the right. Continue reading