Granada, Nicaragua

The intercity buses in Nicaragua are garishly painted school buses. ¬†Usually they’ll have some sort of Christian message, but then they’ll also have random colours and stickers, ranging from flames to Transformers to Spiderman.

So I rode one of those to Granada (costing me mere cents). ¬†Uncertain where to hop off, I just hopped off…somewhere and started to look for my hostel, the one whose reservation I had abandoned the previous night. ¬†After walking up and down the long street at least 4 times (over 1 hour) and not finding it, I found a girl working at the hostel standing right outside of it. ¬†Except not really. ¬†The hostel I had reserved with had closed down, and the new hostel in its place had nothing to do with it. ¬†Oops. Continue reading