70 soles

Sacred Valley, Peru

After a terrible (but cheap) bus from Arequipa to Cusco, I fell sick. ¬†Ack! ¬†The full cama was a lie – we didn’t even have semi. ¬†While Silvia, √ďscar, and Flo ran off to plan out our passage to Machu Picchu, I hung out for the afternoon with Marlies (who also stayed behind at the hostel to sleep more). ¬†With a stomach bug, walking wasn’t very fun, nor was eating – I did run into Matt and Tess (Salta, Tupiza) though! ¬†Turns out they had just recovered from some food poisoning of their own…

Everything in Peru so far has been money money money. ¬†We skipped most of the churches and museums in Arequipa because they were asking for so much, but this problem was even more apparent in Cusco. ¬†(Wanna enter a cathedral? ¬†25 soles…$10!) ¬†Covered in tourists of all types, and not just the backpacker – plenty of flag-waving Japanese groups, old Americans dragging heaps of stuff…these people are willing and able to pay for everything, which kinda makes things difficult for the budget-conscious. Continue reading