Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is the one city that’s been on my bucket list for awhile, ever since I saw it featured on the Amazing Race about five years ago.  It’s clearly the big kahuna of Dalmatia, possibly all of Croatia – its old town is a giant fortress set on azure waters.  It’s the most touristy of the lot and full of giant-cruise-ship passengers, but still incredible to walk around.

Also, incredibly hot at this time of year.

And there was some cafe just through a hole in the city wall where people were jumping off a 10-12 metre cliff into that beautiful water… Continue reading

Hvar and Korčula, Croatia

Croatia has been a lot more expensive than I thought it would be.  It certainly doesn’t help that I’m going to some very touristy places at the peak of high season.  In fact, this has been the most difficult country for me in the last 6 months in terms of finding accommodation.  Dorm rooms are scarce, and often far out of town, though apartments can be found.  It’s just not really meant for solo budget travellers, since it’s a bit of a rich person’s paradise here!

But with such a beautiful place, I can’t just give up because it costs a few euros more.  Croatia is one of the few countries on my itinerary solely because I want to go see it, not because I have friends there.  The country’s large and I only have ten days though, so it’ll just be the Dalmatian coast for now. Continue reading