Karlsruhe, Cologne, Stuttgart, and Munich, Germany

Given the sheer number of friends I happen to have in Germany (all from our time in Singapore a year and a half ago!), I dedicated a lot of time here, and left planning to the wind. ¬†(Well, sort of – none of the plans I made in advance came to fruition.) ¬†To be honest, I didn’t expect too much other than hanging out, but I’ve had such a lovely time that it almost hasn’t felt like I’ve been travelling. ¬†(And the same feeling was for Paris and Switzerland, but I’ve spent almost two weeks in Germany now!)

After taking a mitfahrgelegenheit (a paid carpool of sorts, interesting cause you’re stuck in a car with strangers and end up having pleasant conversations) from near Zurich, I headed to Karlsruhe to meet up with Sabine. ¬†My first night in Germany? ¬†Heading to a public viewing set up for the Germany/Denmark football match. ¬†Also, I had my first beer ever! ¬†Yeah, I know that’s pretty hard to believe, but I had never had a beer before coming to Germany this trip. ¬†Sabine introduced me to a radler which was pleasant…but since it was my first, I couldn’t quite tell if I liked it yet. ¬†Didn’t dislike it though! ¬†But this really set the tone for the rest of my stay in Germany – watch football matches (usually in public with a flag-waving crowd), drink beer. Continue reading