It’s been a little under a month since I returned home. Since the last blog, I’ve been able to absorb and appreciate more everything that I’ve seen…but I think this is an ongoing process.

I restart my travels again with another mixture of feelings. Yes, I’m excited, and no, the jitters that I had back in December aren’t there anymore. But I’ve gotten so comfortable with home, almost too much so, and the fact that I realistically only have another week and a half of this life waiting for me in September (before I move to Boston) leaves me with a twinge of unhealthy attachment. I will miss my friends and family, and Vancouver itself.

I remain fully aware that what I have is the rarest of opportunities, and one to be cherished. No complaining. I refuse to call this an adventure, or the opportunity of a lifetime. “Adventure” carries the connotation of something unusual, and “lifetime” means this isn’t happening again. I want this to happen again, and I don’t want it to be perceived as something unusual.

The travel this time will be slightly different. A series of circumstances, combined with how I felt I went too short with the length of my South America trip, led me to extend this trip from an intended 90 days to 135 days (+50% exactly), just barely below the maximum amount of time I have left before I start work. Also, a significant portion of time is specifically dedicated to visiting people: the sights there are secondary, and they will be dictated by my itinerary of visiting. As such, the blogging may taper off in the middle, but I’ll leave map pins.

Compared to a month ago, I obviously have a general idea of where I’m going! However, other than the fact that I’m starting in Spain, and then ending in Spain again four months later, I have firmed up nothing transportation-wise on my own end. Again, I am reluctant to reveal my itinerary…but to those of you who are involved with my plans, rest assured that those are still happening!

What else has changed? Out with the old passport (all those beautiful stamps), in with the new. Out with the Antarctic fleece, in with…a netbook. Eh, they take just about the same amount of space. 😉

The route isn’t linear, and there isn’t really a goal this time. There are plenty of things I’m leaving out, but I can always see them in the future. I only hope that the travel bug will be satiated after these 135 days…at least for a little while!


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